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1 Noise and vibration isolation of the car

Noise isolation of the car will allow you to enjoy moving around the city and beyond.

The main goal is to maximally eliminate both high- and low-frequency noise sources, therefore, we use high-quality material that, in addition to the main function, also performs heat insulation.

Installation of vibration and noise insulation is carried out taking into account the structural features of the car.

Use our comprehensive solutions for your comfortable movement.

+ Brand warranty for up to 5 years;

+ High-quality professional materials;

+ carrying out work in your presence or  a detailed photo report of your car's sound insulation;

+ 100% preservation of the interior and cleanliness after the end of the work.

Bonus adjustment of locks.

2 Headlight polishing


    There comes a time when chemicals and special rags do not return the headlights to their former transparency, and if microcracks are visible to the naked eye, it is time to turn to polishing.

    The transparency of headlights is not only an aesthetic appearance, but also a safety attribute, because the quality of light in the dark depends on it.

    Our certified specialists will help restore the transparency of your car's headlights.

3Car body polishing


    The car body polishing service perfectly copes with two main tasks: restoration of the coating and its protection.

    The most advanced technologies allow you to polish the car in the most gentle way. At the same time, the minimum layer of "native" varnish will be removed, which will allow for at least 10 polishings in the future. A high-class polisher skillfully uses the properties of heated varnish and a combination of the best, individually selected polishing pastes to preserve the car's factory paint finish as much as possible.

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4 Dry cleaning of the car interior


    A useful operation that removes all kinds of pollution that have penetrated the porous structure of materials for years (nicotine plaque, stains of fat, coffee, ketchup, chewing gum, lipstick, spilled milk, etc.), any odors, and also destroys pathogenic microorganisms (dust mites , bacteria, mold).

    We use professional chemistry and technology.

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