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About us

We are a service station in Pechersk.
we have been doing business for more than 10 years.

We decided not to write a lot of water about how good we are, because so many people already know about it, we decided to share with you useful tips from our extensive experience. Read and remember :)


    When buying a new car, every owner is very responsible for all the manufacturer's prescriptions and tries not to miss any maintenance. One of the reasons for such "responsibility" is the terms of the car warranty, and no one, even the most careful driver-owner, wants to lose it. Therefore, during the warranty period, regular visits to the service station become a rule.  

    But later, in particular, after the warranty period expires, drivers begin to forget about this necessity and visit service centers (maintenance stations) outside of the recommended times. It's a waste. Maintenance is a necessity that ensures safety while driving. This necessity is due primarily to the elementary laws of physics. During operation  the car wears out. Every trip in the technical sense is a vibration, an overload; the car is exposed to moisture, air, temperature and many other factors. From the moment your car starts moving, all parts are in a state of friction, which inevitably entails some deformation (change in size, shape). Even with the lowest intensity of use, on a perfectly flat road surface, sooner or later the technical condition of any car changes for the worse.

    The question is when exactly to do it, and what  includes this service,   most often concerns motorists whose car warranty has already expired, and who to take care of  now, according to the condition of the iron friend, you need to do it yourself.

Usually, the volume of operations and their frequency depend on the mileage of the car or the period of time that has passed since the previous maintenance, as well as the operating conditions (driving on dirty, mountain roads, with frequent stops ("urban cycle"), in regions with extreme temperature and humidity, high mountains, towing a trailer, participation in sports competitions, etc. affect the amount of work and the frequency of maintenance.

Some tips from our masters:

  • after ten thousand mileage, it is necessary to contact specialists who will inspect the car, eliminate minor malfunctions, in addition, replace oil, filters, other liquids and spark plugs. The main thing is not to save on consumables, the better the material, the better for the car and its operation;

  • after thirty thousand maintenance  will contain more complex works. You will have to undergo car diagnostics and, in case of detection  malfunctions or worn parts, replace them;

  • after sixty thousand kilometers, many components must be repaired or replaced. Note that this service is the most complicated and costly.

    But in any case, drivers should be careful,  listen to the car and contact the service center for diagnostics if you detect extraneous sounds or unusual behavior of the car while driving.

    By the way, many motorists believe that if the car was not used and it was just in the garage, then it does not need maintenance. This is a big mistake. Even in the event of downtime, the car needs scheduled maintenance, which is performed either every ten thousand or once a year. It all depends on what happens first.

Another question that worries car owners and drivers is whether the situation when scheduled maintenance is delayed for an indefinite period has an effect. We answer: if exceeding the deadline is insignificant, it is not terrible. It is another matter when the driver begins to neglect the maintenance of his car, and thus    causes irreparable damage to the car, and therefore exposes not only the car to wear and tear, but also exposes itself to danger.

   So, think about what is more important to you, saving the budget or saving your life. Do maintenance on time.

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